Grow up your business in the UK and Ireland with the simple mobile card machines payment process method of Epaymentsolutions UK service.

Mobile card machines are a revolutionary new way for businesses to take payments from customers. They offer a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to make payments from virtually anywhere. With a mobile card machine, you can accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments.

Mobile card machines can also be used to accept payments online, making them an ideal choice for businesses that conduct most of their business online. Furthermore, mobile card machines can help reduce the risk of fraud, as they use advanced security measures to protect customer data. 

Use remotely with a mobile signal
3G/GRPS connection system 
Ideal for food vans, taxis, and mobile mechanics

What We Have in Our Mobile Card Machines?

iZettle Card Reader 2
Sum Up Air
MyPos Go
Pax A920
Ingenico Move 3500
Verifone V240M
The Saturn 1000




Your brand new lightweight card terminal.


Just connect the machine to the charger and you are away.


Plug your base station into the phone or broadband. Some machines will need to log into WiFi. Let us advise you on your best choice.


A couple of till rolls to get you up and running.


Let your customers know you take card payments and watch your turnover increase.


We will show you the ins and outs of your new machine however we do supply a manual.


Here are some questions that are frequently asked about our mobile card machines.

How do I know if a mobile machine is for me?

If your business takes payments at a table, or you must take the terminal to the customer then a portable or mobile card machine is the best fit for your business. As long as you have the correct connectivity.

How do I know if I need WiFi or GPRS?

If you have a strong WIFI connection in your premises and you will not need to take the terminal out of reach, then we would recommend that WIFI is the connection of choice. Some terminals have dual communication with GPRS so if you go out of reach the GPRS will kick in – please ask about these. If you do not have WIFI in your building but a good mobile reception, then GPRS might be the right choice.

Do I need a segregated WiFi connection for my mobile terminal?

We would always recommend that the WIFI that you connect your payment terminals to is dedicated just for this purpose, this will make taking payments quicker and will help ensure that the network does not slow at busy times.

What is the battery life like on your mobile card machines?

Our mobile card machines are known for their impressive battery life. Once fully charged the battery life with expected usage is 8 hours. These are easily chargeable, and each terminal comes with a charging cable as standard.

What types of businesses usually use a mobile card machine?

Mobile payment terminals are usually used by a whole host of business types. Hospitality businesses such as Bars, pubs, clubs, sports clubs, and restaurants, and leisure businesses such as football clubs, bowling alleys, and Golf clubs all go through to retail businesses. A mobile payment terminal does work for all business types.

Is there a contract for mobile payment terminal?

We do things to suit the merchant at Modern World Business Solutions, you will have the option of how long you wish to sign in for and the costs will be laid out clearly with each contract length that we propose. We will only sign you into contracts that you are fully aware of.

Are your payment terminals fully supported?

Yes – all our mobile payment terminals are fully supported by our dedicated technical support lines which are open 7am – 11pm 7 days a week.

What happens if our mobile terminal breaks?

If your mobile payment terminal breaks due to a manufacturer's fault, we offer a 24-hour swap-out service as standard. However, please note that if you break your terminal by dropping it then our warranty does not cover this, and you would be expected to pay for the repair.

How much does a mobile payment terminal cost?

This one is a variable for so many reasons, contract length, terminal type, Sim included, and many other things that we will find out with you before we give you a monthly price for your terminal rental. But to give you an idea the rental could be from £15.00 to £28.00 per month.

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