How can I get a merchant account for my Gaming or Gambling business?

Gambling websites are HUGE business, however obtaining a merchant account for one is not easy!

Gambling and gaming websites make for a HUGE sector, with a 470m Gross Gaming Yield in 2020 alone, and a 4Billion GGY in gambling in 2020 in Great Britain alone, Staggering figures for a booming sector and with a booming sector comes lots of not only opportunity but also responsibility and red tape.

A merchant account for your gaming or gambling website is classed as the highest of high risk. There are very strict rules and regulations around being accepted by a Uk or EU acquirer to accept payments via debit card for a gambling business. Acquirers need to be 100% certain that they are supporting ethical and stable business when boarding a merchant in relation to gambling, having the suitable licences in place is imperative as well as being established with all of the correct regularity in place.

If you would like help in obtaining the correct merchant account for your gambling business then we would love to help and offer support throughout the process and get you through to approval.

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If you are looking to obtain a merchant account for your Gambling business below are a few things that you must expect or look to get in place before you start to apply.

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