Are you a Double Glazing company that is struggling to find a merchant services solution that is suitable for your business?

Maybe you have had a solution in place for years, but all of a sudden you have had your merchant account terminated by your acquirer. Unfortunately this has a tendency to happen in higher risk sectors and Windows, and double glazing is one of the top industries for it to occur.

So what do you do?

You have a successful double glazing company that has been trading for years and all of a sudden you have no way of accepting card payments. Acquirers’ appetite to risk has changed and now you need to find a new solution FAST.

But before we tell you about the solution, let’s explain WHY acquiring banks will deem your double glazing business to be high risk.

It’s often the opinion that the delay between a customer placing the order and paying a deposit and the time it takes for a job to be installed opens up the acquirer to a period of risk where the customer has paid for a service or product that they are yet to receive. This period, just like the travel sector could be anything from 2 to 16 weeks, and opens the acquirer up to the risk that the company could, in the worst case, go bust in this period leaving the bank thousands of pounds out of pocket. This is how they perceive a sector to be high or low risk.

So, Now you understand why it’s difficult for a double glazing company to get accepted for a merchant account, let’s tell you about the solution.

ePayment Solutions can help!

We have several acquirers who are specialists in boarding double glazing companies and other high risk sectors and we CAN take care of your merchant services application, but before we get started with your application below are a few things you should know about obtaining a merchant account for your windows company.

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