We here at ePaymentSolutions are specialists on finding you a merchant account for your high-risk business.

Are you a UK business looking for a high risk merchant account service? Look no further than ePaymentsolutions. This UK-based payment processing company has been helping businesses in the UK for over 20 years. With a reputation for reliable service and customer satisfaction, ePaymentsolutions is a top choice for businesses in need of a high risk merchant account.

At ePaymentsolutions, they understand that businesses in the UK face a wide range of risks when it comes to accepting payments. As a result, they offer a wide range of services tailored to the needs of high risk merchants. This includes a range of payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, direct debit, and mobile payments. So, they also offer chargeback protection and fraud prevention services, as well as tools for managing risk levels and compliance.

One of the most important features of ePaymentsolutions’ high risk merchant account services is their commitment to security. All transactions are secured by the latest encryption technology, and they are fully compliant with PCI DSS and other industry standards. Additionally, they employ a range of fraud prevention and risk management measures to ensure that your transactions remain safe and secure.

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How long will it take to setup my high risk merchant account?

This is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question I am afraid, we consider high risk merchant accounts to be a managed solution. This means that there is lots of back-and-forth communications to deal with when opening an account. This might take 2 weeks, or it might take 2 months depending on the complexity of your business.

Is a high risk merchant account expensive?

Transactional fees for a high risk merchant account are more expensive than those of a usual high street business account, the rate will reflect the risk of the business. This could be anywhere between 1% to as high as 10%!

Is there a setup fee for a high risk merchant account?

Yes – because of the labor time that goes into getting your business accepted for a high risk merchant account there is a setup fee that we apply. This is between £495.00 and £995.00 + vat BUT is only payable once we have you an offer from a bank that you have accepted.

What is the Rolling Reserve that I have been offered on my high risk merchant account?

A rolling reserve is usually a condition applied to a high risk merchant account; it is where the acquirer withholds a % of your funds for a set period of days to negate any chargeback risk that there might be to your business. This is usually a negotiable condition if your account is managed correctly.

Are the set up fees refundable if we do not use the account?

No – all high risk bank account set up fees and monthly charges are NOT refundable, therefore it is vital you fully take the time to understand your schedule of fees before you enter into any agreements.

When will I get paid from my high risk merchant account?

This is all negotiated through the application process, but the most likely scenario is that you would get paid weekly settlements from your high risk merchant account. Sometimes you will also be paid in arrears too.

Will I be settled in full by my high risk merchant account?

No – most high risk merchant account acquirers will offer you what is known as NET settlement. This means the bank will deduct their % from the transactions before they settle the funds for you.

Am I guaranteed to get accepted for a high risk merchant account?

No – I am afraid not. We are in the hands of underwriters, so although we are experienced in where to place your business there is still a possibility that your application is not accepted – this is why we only charge when an offer letter has been accepted.

What documents do I need to provide to get accepted for a high risk merchant account?

Each business type will dictate a different set of documents. But a rule of thumb to get started with your high-risk merchant account application would be the below:
(1) ID of all directors and 25% shareholders
(2) Proof of business account – don’t have one? – we can help.
(3) Proof of business address
(4) Proof of Directors address
(5) Images of your business premises
(6) Any licenses you may have
(7) A business plan (if you are a start up)
(8) 6 month card payments history if you are a switcher
Any other required documents will be asked for in the underwriting process.

Will my startup business be able to get a high risk merchant account?

We can help any business with a high risk merchant account, but there will be more due diligence for start-up businesses. It will always help if you have a full cash flow forecast and business plan with the proof of funds to start your business with. Acquiring banks do not mind taking risks on start-up businesses – they just want to see that you have been serious enough with your planning.

Will a high risk merchant account integrate into my website?

We work with several different high risk providers that all have their gateways as well as agnostic gateways that have integrations into different shopping carts. HOWEVER – there are some website platforms that high risk merchant accounts will not integrate into. The likes of self-serve web building platforms like WIX are usually problematic to get a high risk merchant account to integrate into – Please check with us first before putting forward your application.

What currencies can I accept with my high risk merchant account?

Our acquirers will take payments in different currencies, mainly in GBP and EURO but we will also accept USD if it is not the main currency that you transact in.

My business is abroad – can I still open a high risk merchant account?

Sure – our relationships will allow us to help any business that is registered within Europe. Unfortunately, if your business is registered outside of Europe, we are not able to help. YOU CAN be registered in Europe and trade in a country outside the EU, however.

Do I have to be a limited company to open a high risk merchant account?

Nope – you can be a sole trader and apply for a high risk merchant account as long as all your paperwork is stacking up about the application you are submitting.

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