All The Businesses Needs To Accept Online Payments In The UK.

The E-Commerce world is Growing now more than ever before, in the last few years have increased businesses to take their profile online, it’s also forced consumers to look online first if they need a product or service.

When it comes to e-commerce payments, UK businesses need a reliable and secure solution that won't leave them exposed to potential risks and difficulties. But, this is where ePaymentSolutions comes in. With their comprehensive suite of payment services and solutions, they can provide merchants with the peace of mind of knowing their customers' payments and financial data are secure.

E-commerce payments have become a crucial part of conducting business online. With the rise of online shopping, businesses are increasingly turning to e-commerce payment solutions like Epaymentsolutions to process and manage their payments securely.

Epaymentsolutions is an online payment service provider (PSP) that provides businesses with a secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to process payments and manage their finances. Epaymentsolutions offers a range of services, such as payment gateway integration, credit card processing, fraud prevention, and more.

Epaymentsolutions also offers a range of features to make it easy for businesses to manage their finances. Businesses can access real-time insights into their payments, allowing them to make decisions quickly and accurately. 


Epaymentsolutions has partnerships with multiple gateway providers that are all certified with different shopping carts and acquirers. Below are a few examples of the shopping carts that these gateways integrate into.


ePaymentSolutions has solutions for high-risk businesses and also low risk with partnerships with major gateway providers that offer an agnostic approach in the way of what acquirers they can support. Below are our partner gateways.


Learn more about our E-Commerce Payment Gateway.

What is a payment gateway?

An E-Commerce payment gateway is used to take payments online via your website. It can be seen as having a credit card terminal on your website. The E-Commerce account will link to your merchant account to process the fees and automatically deposit the funds into your bank account. We have some of the cheapest rates in the UK so you can be online and sell within 24 hours.

How does an E-Commerce Gateway work?

Once a customer clicks the “Checkout” or “Pay Now” buttons you will be sent to an order form to fill out your shipping details. This will be followed by a payment form upon which the consumer will input their credit/debit card details. Upon confirming the purchase our gateway will ping the consumers' bank to see if sufficient funds are in the account and then ping back to the payment gateway to approve or deny the purchase. This will then be followed by a confirmation email or receipt upon purchased goods.

How easy is it to setup a payment gateway?

To set up your payment gateway you will probably need to contact a developer. We do have a website development team in-house who can help you with this. We will supply you with instructions which they can follow. For those who are a little more tech-savvy, we have several pre-built integrations with several of the world’s most popular E-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and several more.

Is the payment gateway secure?

100%! All transactions are processed by secure servers. We never store sensitive information or your customers' card details. Like your card processing the banks and gateways are all PCI compliant.

What are the costs involved for a payment gateway?

The costs for your payment gateway are separate from those of your acquiring, so your acquiring fees will be in addition to your gateway fees. Look at your payment gateway as the vehicle for your acquirer to be able to process payments on your website. The two costs that you will likely receive for your gateway fees are the rental payment per month, plus a pence per transaction fee – this is usually anything from 10p – 30p depending on the type of business.

What acquirer can I use for my payment gateway?

Sometimes, for higher risk payment gateways the gateway is dictated by the acquirer. Most high risk acquirers have their own gateway that you must implement so it removes the choice. However, for low-risk businesses, we have partnerships with several agnostic gateways that can house most major acquirers. Below is a list of some of the main acquirers that we can support: Worldpay Elavon Trust Payments Global Payments First Data Barclays AIB Transact Europe emerchantpay Paydoo Paynetics EVO Cashflows

Why should I not just use Stripe?

Stripe is a fantastic option for micro-merchants that are just setting out in the world of E-Commerce payments. Stripe is a fantastic payments company that offers the gateway and the acquiring in one product. However, the % that the attribute per transaction is a little more expensive than finding your acquirer and gateway relationship. However, the support and technology that Stripe offers are perfect for Micro merchants and companies that need a solution set up quickly.

What is 3DS Secure?

3DS is a security protocol used to authenticate users. This provides an extra layer of protection for payment card transactions in card-not-present scenarios. It was designed to allow a cardholder to authenticate its identity to prevent payment fraud, stymie unauthorized transactions, and reduce chargebacks.

How long does it take to setup a payment gateway?

The implementation of your payment gateway is down to your own website developer, so usually, this is a quick process to get all set up. We would say this is a day’s work for a competent web developer at most. However – the thing that takes the time is getting set up with a merchant account that sits on your E-Commerce gateway, it's important that you allow yourself time to get this all set up.

Can I get a payment gateway for my high risk business?

YES! – We can help you find a high risk gateway for your business. If you have a high risk business, then the chances are that you will not be approved with a tier-one named acquirer. This means we would have to use our relationships with alternative banks to find you a solution, once we have you a solution this will dictate the gateway that you can use for your business to accept payments.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is when a consumer or someone that has purchased something through your gateway has questioned the transaction with their bank as not being legitimate and that they want their money back. This could be because they believe it to be fraudulent, it could be for lack of service or goods that haven’t shown up. Whatever the reason this is NOT a good thing for acquirers, and they constantly monitor the level of chargebacks a business receives. If that percentage goes over 1% then the acquirer will look at ways to part ways with the merchant in usual cases.

Who supports the gateway?

Depending on the gateway that you implement they all have service levels attributed to them. Most gateways have a technical support line that you can call at any time and ask for support on. You will also have a team here at MWBS that can offer a basic level of support.

Does it come with reporting?

Each gateway that you choose will come with its reporting portal. This is where you can look at all historic transactions and get vital information such as what has been approved and what has not been, along with transactional reporting to give you management information.

How do I pay for my E-Commerce Gateway?

Modern World Business Solutions will set up a GoCardless link to collect E-Commerce fees. We will also give you an invoice once a month that outlines the number of transactions in the period that has been invoiced.

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